Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is this NERIUM all about??


Many of you are probably wondering WHY I keep sending out Post about Nerium?

Here is a link - - that EXPLAINS why I am making this my “Last Run”!
SURE, there is some sell stuff in the video BUT the most important part is who the company is, who runs it, how it got started, when it opened, how they feel about us (the actual people who are making it grow) and where they are headed. This video compares – straight up – Nerium and the “other guys” products, compensation plan, future and what to expect with “us versus them”!

 I think the first thing you will realize is HOW we have REAL science and REAL results THAT CAN BE PROVEN while others do NOT.

The main video is 28 minutes long BUT it IS WELL worth it. To give you an example, I learned the MAJOR difference between how 99.999% of us get paid in most internet marketing plans and how we get paid at Nerium!!!! We all THOUGHT we were getting a good pay plan UNTIL I saw this video. NOW I KNOW how the Gurus stay rich and we never achieve wealth!
There is a lot more so……get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, soft drink or whatever and get ready to GET REAL for the first time in your marketing career.

You don’t have to join my team but if after you have completely absorbed the “Last Run” video you can click to join me in OUR Last Run!!!

You may have to run this a few times (I did) to let it sink in but each time you do you begin to wonder – WHY SHOULDN’T I join!!!


Monday, June 4, 2012

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When you see the before and after pictures –YOU will want this Anti-Aging Product for yourself! It is NOT a matter of – Will it work - BUT how much WILL IT HELP your skin & looks in the first 30 days!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Hackers infected a network of probably more than 570,000 computers worldwide.

They took advantage of vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Windows operating system to install malicious software on the victim computers. This turned off antivirus updates and changed the way the computers reconcile website addresses behind the scenes on the Internet's domain name system.

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The DNS system is a network of servers that translates a web address - such as - into the numerical addresses that computers use. Victim computers were reprogrammed to use rogue DNS servers owned by the attackers. This allowed the attackers to redirect computers to fraudulent versions of any website.

The hackers earned profits from advertisements that appeared on websites that victims were tricked into visiting. The scam netted the hackers at least $14 million, according to the FBI. It also made thousands of computers reliant on the rogue servers for their Internet browsing.

When the FBI and others arrested six Estonians last November, the agency replaced the rogue servers with Vixie's clean ones. Installing and running the two substitute servers for eight months is costing the federal government about $87,000.

The number of victims is hard to pinpoint, but the FBI believes that on the day of the arrests, at least 568,000 unique Internet addresses were using the rogue servers. Five months later, FBI estimates that the number is down to at least 360,000. The U.S. has the most, about 85,000, federal authorities said. Other countries with more than 20,000 each include Italy, India, England and Germany. Smaller numbers are online in Spain, France, Canada, China and Mexico.

Vixie said most of the victims are probably individual home users, rather than corporations that have technology staffs who routinely check the computers.

FBI officials said they organized an unusual system to avoid any appearance of government intrusion into the Internet or private computers. And while this is the first time the FBI used it, it won't be the last.

"This is the future of what we will be doing," said Eric Strom, a unit chief in the FBI's Cyber Division. "Until there is a change in legal system, both inside and outside the United States, to get up to speed with the cyber problem, we will have to go down these paths, trail-blazing if you will, on these types of investigations."

Now, he said, every time the agency gets near the end of a cyber case, "we get to the point where we say, how are we going to do this, how are we going to clean the system" without creating a bigger mess than before.


Computer virus may keep hundreds of thousands from accessing the Internet in July, after the FBI shuts down a safety net of servers offering protection from malicious software installed on users' machines.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

"An ole Hippie with a Cowboy Hat"

I am an ole Hippie with a Cowboy Hat and what in the world do I know about computers and this crazy Internet stuff?


After all I was taught that cowboys are always the good guys, peace, love will save the earth and all you ever needed was a white cowboy hat, a multi color VW bus, a lot of flowers and some funny stuff that did the turn on FOR me!!!

I finally grew up and finally found the HONEST, legal and REAL TURN ON called Better Web Builder! Heck this is a cool program that can even make you money starting TODAY!!  My commune now is filled with folks that actually want to help us poor confused left overs! These regular street guys & gals actually train all of us for NOTHING. You got it no charge training!! The best part is they share but really do not expect any return favors like my old buddies did.

Instead of standing on the street corner asking for spare change all I do is sit at this box (called a computer), connect with anyone who can work a keyboard, give them our FREE program, shoot the bull with them and they sign up. I can’t believe that some of these nice people actually upgrade without me twisting their arm and with no promise of high times down the road.

Now comes the part which I did not expect and that is -- These silly Better Web Builder owners (Art & Rob) are ACTUALLY going to send me money each month. THIS IS WHAT WE USED TO REFER TO AS A NATURAL HIGH!!!

The other day someone from another company tried to tell me about how good his deal was with all the training they were going to ALLOW me to buy each month. I replied to him WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING and he hung up.

Guess us ole’ Hippies with a Cowboy Hat are not so stupid after all!!!

WE have found the love and peace we all were searching for - right here at Better Web Builder!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Power of Just Been Paid's Design

It's most important that you see the Big Picture of what makes Just Been Paid so popular and work so well. It's much easier to sponsor people into Just Been Paid -- particularly because of JSS-Tripler -- than most other programs. It's quite possible that, with the same effort, you sponsor twice as many people, compared to most other programs.
There are many people who've tried for years to make money online, with little or no success. When they discover JBP/JSS, they usually quickly become very excited, because it doesn't take very long for them to start making money.
Many programs are structured so the big promoters make the money, while the vast majority of members just lose whatever they put into the programs. This applies, for example, to a program where members need a downline of 14 to cycle and get their money back, and they need 64 to make the "big money." It also applies to most 2x2 cycling matrixes, where you need 6 to cycle and earn. The vast majority of people who join such programs, just lose their money. Are you doing people a favor by sponsoring them into such programs?
When you sponsor people into Just Been Paid, you're doing them a favor, because you're providing them with a relatively easy way to start making money. They can immediately start making money with JSS-Tripler without sponsoring anyone.
Can you see that, with the same marketing effort, you're likely to sponsor twice as many people into JBP, compared to most other programs?
That the JSS-Tripler/JSS combination makes JSS-Tripler indefinitely sustainable is most important. Practically all other high-return programs get to a point when the owners decide to run with the money, and their programs disappear. Members lose all the money they had left in such programs.

I just did a 2 year read out if someone started with NOTHING but the free $10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW
Your Initial Fund from Day 1 was $10 U.S. Dollars WHICH IS FREE BECAUSE THEY GIVE IT TO YOU AS A STARTER!!!!
You will have deposited an additional $0 to date for a Total Deposit of $10 (Theirs)
You will have withdrawn a total of $0.00 to date and  could have a final Cash Balance of $727.00
In 2 years you could have 3,634 Active Positions providing Daily Earnings of $726.80

Your Total JSS-Tripler 2% Earnings could be: $63,667.00 Earnings you may have reinvested: $63,660.00

You deposit $0 THEN in 2 Years = Daily Earnings could be $726.80

Go to  and sign up to get your free $10. You have to really do NOTHING but reinvest their $10!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


The most important factor that makes JUST BEEN PAID/JSS-Tripler the best high-yield program ever is that it's indefinitely sustainable:

Thousands of other high-yield programs have disappeared over the years. All the member money in these programs at the end is usually lost.

A most important thing for new members to realize is that you can earn a great deal with JUST BEEN PAID/JSS-Tripler. On our Blog you can see that our top earner has earned over $283,000. All of our top 20 earners have earned more than $96,000 each:

The JUST BEEN PAID/JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System is working well. All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get "$10 free money" in their JSS- Tripler accounts. They can immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and start earning 2% per day!

Please tell your prospects that if they create their new JUST BEEN PAID/JSS-Tripler accounts, they get "$10 free money" to get started. (Note that after 60 days their JSS accounts will be debited with $10.) HERE is the BEST PARTàThe interest you have earned on “their” money is yours to reinvest (THE smart thing to do) to earn even more!!

You can increase your level of earnings by increasing your ability to do things right -- THE POWER OF DOING THINGS RIGHT

THIS is NOT MLM where the first people at the top make all the money- PERIOD!! 

P.S. I challenge you to find any program that's easier to make money with than JUST BEEN PAID/JSS-Tripler.

P.P.S.  JUST BEEN PAID/JSS-Tripler is likely to become "the program everyone in the know joins." If you join immediately, you can tell your friends and contacts about it...before they join under someone else.